Be True Audio Contra tshirt

Be True Audio Contra tshirt


Audio Contra is a rap duo residing from Dinwiddie, Va. Their origins go as far back as 2015 under the tentative stage name, Rellz tha Postman & Christobal the Vision. The first project together was XR Projections in the year of 2015. The album was independently released with physical copies passed around friends and family members.

The group name Audio Contra came in 2016 during the time both Rellz and Christobal were recording mixtapes, also developing their individual signature styles. The two had not broken up but had solo projects in between this particular year transitioning towards 2020 with their follow-up sequel, XR Projections II.

In 2021, Audio Contra was building a new brand known as Robo Gang Inc. This brand serves as the comic division of Flyah Entertainment which is both co-founded by Rellz & Christobal. Audio Contra appears in the comic series, Respect Robo.

Be True is a callback to the 90's and early 00's of classic and golden age hip hop using R&B as the leading charge. A love song that can be played by all audiences old and new. In life nothing matters more than trust and truth! By all means BE TRUE

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