Who is Robot Gang Inc.?

Robot Gang Inc. stands for the purpose of not fitting in under normal circumstances. The gist is to step out of the norm and rewrite culture, sort of speak for a new generation of human and robot-kind. Cool and Sorry Robot are made by the evil scientist Professor Willy and with each embarking adventure comes chaos in a comedic fashion. The motto Babes Bucks and Burgers is followed to a T with Cool and Sorry Robot.  Their knack of finding their vice opens possibilities. Professor Willy's goals on world domination are met with abysmal results due to countless missteps either done by the robots or his assistant Lenny. His hunger to be the brightest and smartest is opportunistic yet cynical as his intellect is believed to be unmatched among the common sense mind. Science drives him to extremes that he has to be perfect but his vanity to be detached upon realism sometimes shows the shallow shell of him.  Robot Gang Inc. was created by Charles J. Avijit Misra, Rakuns, Denny Mild And Chris J.